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“Golfers hit­ting the ball fur­ther than they used to is not a prob­lem from our per­spec­tive,” says Jay Karen, CEO of the Na­tional Golf Course Own­ers As­so­ci­a­tion (UK). “There’s no ev­i­dence that the ‘recre­ational golfer’ is hit­ting the ball any longer than they have for the past sev­eral years. In­deed, golf course own­ers and op­er­a­tors have the op­po­site prob­lem. Too many recre­ational golfers don’t hit the ball far enough to en­joy suc­cess as much as they’d like; and suc­cess­ful golfers equals hap­pier golfers, which equals more fre­quent play. The real is­sue is that golfers need to mi­grate to the ‘right’ set of tee boxes for how far they hit the ball o™ the tee. Ul­ti­mately, golfers want to have a de­cent chance at par on each hole. Putting the ball into play to reach greens in reg­u­la­tion eludes too many golfers that are play­ing tees that are too far back for them. That’s the big­ger is­sue for us.”

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