A se­lec­tion of my favourite tips to help you in all ar­eas of the game.

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I’m a good iron player but there’s more to hit­ting it close than sim­ply hit­ting it pure. One of the big­gest di er­ences in my play in the past 18 months is pa­tience. By that I mean I’ve learned not to go at ev­ery flag, es­pe­cially when my swing isn’t fir­ing on all cylin­ders, some­thing that hap­pens more than you might think. I play short-range chips with a slightly closed stance to sta­bilise my lower body. Ev­ery­thing else I’ll play from a slightly open stance. The key is to keep your weight on your front foot and your chest cov­er­ing the ball dur­ing the swing, which will help you keep the body turn­ing and let the club do the work. Even at the pro level, your swing changes daily. I don’t have the same game plan when I’m hit­ting it well as I do when I’m strug­gling a bit. If I’m not fad­ing it very well on the range be­fore a round, those right pin po­si­tions on the course aren’t in play so I have to be more con­ser­va­tive on those holes. In the past, I would still try to go for those flags and get my­self in trou­ble. If you let your pre-round warm-up tell you what you have on a given day, you can turn your li­a­bil­ity into an as­set. If you slice it ev­ery time, aim down the left and let the ball slice. Know­ing what your ball is go­ing to do is much more ben­e­fi­cial to your game – even if you don’t like it – than try­ing to fight it. I vary my grip to hit di er­ent types of pitches. If I want a high, soft pitch, I weaken my left-hand grip so that my thumb is more on top of the shaft. For a low spin­ner, I do the op­po­site and strengthen it. The im­por­tant thing is to keep your body ro­tat­ing to­wards the tar­get. This way, the club will do the work for you and give you much more con­sis­tent con­tact. Let’s face it, you’re not go­ing to hit it in­side 10 feet very of­ten. I now spend much more time work­ing on putts over 10 feet than I used to. To im­prove my feel, I’ll con­stantly vary the dis­tance I hit putts. That way, I’m al­ways fo­cus­ing on speed. To me, that’s the best way of re­duc­ing the pos­si­bil­ity of three-putting.

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