Golf Australia - - GREAT SUMMER GOLF -

1 A great and fun way to make this sum­mer your best is to hit the ball fur­ther than you ever have. Many club golfers fail to re­alise their power po­ten­tial be­cause they fail to make use of the nat­u­ral power se­quence that ex­ists in all of us. Termed the kine­matic chain, it’s a move­ment pat­tern that works from the ground up­wards… and some­thing we all achieve nat­u­rally when we throw a ball. So, to wake up your power se­quence, start by throw­ing a few balls down the range as hard as you can. As you do, feel how your feet work against the ground, bal­anc­ing you and gen­er­at­ing force… which works up your body and ul­ti­mately into your arm. 2 Once you’ve got the feel­ing of that ex­tra force and dy­namism be­ing cre­ated by your lower half, swap the ball for a club and try to re­peat that same, ground-up power se­quence. You may feel your swing is los­ing some con­trol, but work on it on the range first and you’ll see how the kine­matic chain pro­motes pow­er­ful, bal­anced mo­tion that will ac­tu­ally en­hance your con­sis­tency, as well as your power.

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