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One of my all-time mantras for the golf swing is that if you could prom­ise to ex­e­cute your best rhythm and balance on ev­ery shot you are al­most guar­an­teed to hit lots more great, good or get-away-with-it shots! Base your sea­son around those two at­tributes, and you will see im­proved lev­els of con­sis­tency. Here are two things you can work on: 1 Down­swing weight shift. Be more con­scious of a pos­i­tive shift into your for­ward (tar­get side) foot as you start down. This shift has to be from the ground up­wards; feet, knees and hips ini­ti­ate with the up­per body fol­low­ing that biome­chan­i­cal lead. Re­mem­ber, you must con­tinue to ro­tate your body through im­pact – don’t hold back but re­mem­ber rhythm and balance need to be there too. 2A good fin­ish. Yes, the ball may be gone but the com­ple­tion of your swing is a true barom­e­ter of the qual­ity of your move­ment. Are you bal­anced with your for­ward foot solid on the ground? Does it al­low you to stand tall with your up­per torso fac­ing the tar­get so you can ob­serve – and hope­fully en­joy – the flight of your shot? Poor balance is re­spon­si­ble for many clas­sic swing er­rors. Im­prove yours and you’ll be amazed at how your over­all tech­nique tight­ens up.

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