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One of the big­gest short game mis­takes that I see among club play­ers is too much ma­nip­u­la­tion from the hands. A tour­level chip­ping ac­tion means elim­i­nat­ing the hands and feel­ing the shoul­ders and turn are con­trol­ling the blade. That helps you cre­ate a shal­low at­tack that lets you take ad­van­tage of the curved sole’s for­give­ness. Use a nar­row stance to pro­mote feel and re­duce power. I favour the weight to be on the lead side for a stan­dard chip or pitch shot with mid tra­jec­tory. At set­up, drop the club and splay both hands, palms fac­ing up­wards. Turn back and through with your hands in this po­si­tion; it elim­i­nates in­de­pen­dent hand ac­tion, help­ing you feel how shoul­der turn con­trols the blade. Through im­pact, keep your wrists quiet and al­low your body to ac­cel­er­ate the club smoothly. Lis­ten for the nice sound of the sole of the club hit­ting the turf. De­velop dis­tance con­trol by fo­cus­ing on how far back the han­dle (grip) will travel: knee to knee, thigh to thigh and hip to hip with smooth ac­cel­er­a­tion. Turn fully to­wards the tar­get, still us­ing the body and not wrists or hands. The ball will pop up softly o the club­face.

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