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For a player not sta­tis­ti­cally among the long bombers, what’s your take on the dis­tances be­ing hit these days? “I’m not one of the big­gest hit­ters out there, but then again, I don’t ex­actly do a lot of gym work, so I can’t re­ally be­grudge that! When you have ac­cess to all the in­for­ma­tion, and all the tech­nol­ogy and gym pro­grams and equip­ment that we have ac­cess to, it’s like any sport, there will be pro­gres­sion. That’s what hap­pen­ing to sport at the mo­ment; we have ac­cess to so many things and all this dif­fer­ent tech­nol­ogy that helps you max­imise ev­ery time you walk onto the golf course.” Has ‘de­fend­ing cour­ses’ from big hit­ters made it more dif­fi­cult for the shorter hit­ter on Tour to sur­vive? “Ab­so­lutely; no ques­tion. A lot of these guys are us­ing a sand iron and I’d be us­ing a five iron so ... I’m not jeal­ous in any way, good luck to them, they’ve de­signed their game that way to suit the way the game is played this way. I’ve been lucky enough – golf is ex­cit­ing to watch be­cause these guys are ath­letic, they’re hit­ting balls a hell of a long way, and they’re go­ing at it pretty hard. I think golf’s a great spec­ta­cle at the mo­ment; it’s pretty im­pres­sive.” Are there events/cour­ses you sim­ply wouldn’t go to be­cause you know they will play too long or you know it’s a bombers course? “In Por­tu­gal, it’s quite nar­row off the tee up un­til about 270 yards, and then it be­comes a foot­ball field af­ter that! I can’t carry that dis­tance. That’s just the way golf cour­ses are de­signed the ma­jor­ity of the time these days, it’s all about length. I think it would make more sense if you ac­tu­ally in­crease the num­ber of haz­ards you have and tighten the cour­ses up.”

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