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Food In some peo­ple, even very small amounts of food can cause a lifethreat­en­ing re­ac­tion. Al­most any food can trig­ger re­ac­tion but the most com­mon ones are peanuts, tree nuts, shell­fish, dairy and eggs.

In­sect venom Bee, wasp and jack jumper ant stings are the most com­mon in­sect-bite anaphylaxis trig­gers but ticks, green ants and fire ants can also trig­ger a re­ac­tion if you’re sus­cep­ti­ble. Keep in mind that with an in­sect al­lergy, stom­ach pain and vom­it­ing are signs of anaphylaxis.

Med­i­ca­tion Al­most any pre­scrip­tion or over-the-counter med­i­ca­tion, in­clud­ing nat­u­ral and herbal prod­ucts, can cause an al­ler­gic re­ac­tion in a sus­cep­ti­ble per­son.

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