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“I had a boss who was the worst mi­cro­man­ager and it was such a knock to my con­fi­dence as I was con­stantly sec­ond-guess­ing my­self with the most ba­sic tasks. I started to not sleep well, rapidly put on weight, and was catch­ing ev­ery cold that was go­ing around. I hung on for about two years in the role but I wish I had left sooner. I also wish I had spo­ken up for my­self, as I now think that stay­ing quiet and ‘keep­ing out of the fir­ing line’ only re­in­forced to my boss that her be­hav­iour was ok.” - Sa­man­tha

“For me, leav­ing my desk at lunchtime is a vi­tal com­po­nent of my work day. I try to go for a walk each day and I al­ways come back feel­ing re­freshed, en­er­gised and more pro­duc­tive. It helps a lot with stress man­age­ment, and on the days where I don’t get out of the of­fice at lunch, I re­ally no­tice how ex­hausted I feel in the af­ter­noons.” - Laura

“I used to work in an of­fice where work­ing over­time was the ex­pected norm, to the point where 5pm would come and go and no­body wanted to be the first to leave. It’s easy to get caught up in herd be­hav­iour, but I think there comes a time where you have to pri­ori­tise your health and well­be­ing. You have to work in a way that is sus­tain­able long term.” - Michael

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