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The name alone was enough to sell it to me, and with devo­tees say­ing it helps with ev­ery­thing from boost­ing men­tal clar­ity to keep­ing hunger at bay, I had to give bul­let­proof cof­fee a whirl.

To the unini­ti­ated, it’s black cof­fee with but­ter and co­conut or MCT oil, thor­oughly blended so it re­sem­bles a flat white. How much but­ter and oil you throw in is up to you – it de­pends on what ef­fect you’re aim­ing for and how much fat your stom­ach can stand first thing in the morn­ing. I started with half a ta­ble­spoon each of but­ter and co­conut oil, and downed the con­coc­tion in the morn­ing be­fore walk­ing to work. I was pic­tur­ing globs of fat float­ing on top but af­ter it’s whizzed in a blender (an es­sen­tial part of the process) it tastes di­vine. It’s like a flat white on steroids; su­per-creamy and so sat­is­fy­ing that you start to feel full be­fore you’ve even fin­ished a mug of the stuff. The idea is that the sat­u­rated fat in the but­ter leaves you feel­ing nicely sa­ti­ated, with­out rais­ing your blood sugar lev­els like high-carb foods do. Af­ter up­ping the but­ter con­tent to one ta­ble­spoon I was hap­pily last­ing un­til 2pm with­out eat­ing a thing. I no­ticed a dras­tic de­crease in my sugar crav­ings – as a sugar ad­dict, this was by far the big­gest plus for me.

How­ever, I had to stop drink­ing it on con­sec­u­tive days, be­cause af­ter about three days in a row I was start­ing to have some pretty se­vere gas­tro up­sets. Lax­a­tive ef­fects aside, there was also the worry that a fat bomb hit ev­ery morn­ing might start to block my ar­ter­ies.

Ad­mit­tedly, plain black cof­fee gen­er­ally keeps me go­ing un­til 10am. I think if you’re the sort of per­son who feels hun­gry early in the morn­ing, or usu­ally eats big break­fasts but wants to ex­per­i­ment with in­ter­mit­tent fast­ing, it could be worth a try. It didn’t make me lose weight or feel men­tally clearer but it def­i­nitely helped curb my sweet crav­ings – and for that rea­son, I still drink it once or twice a week.

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