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If you suf­fer from bloat­ing or tummy dis­com­fort, pro­bi­otics can help, but did you know that not all yo­ghurts con­tain pro­bi­otics?

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Does your waist­band dig into your belly? Do you feel slug­gish and moody? Or does your tummy bloat­ing make it hard to en­joy meals? Well, you’re not alone. 90 per cent* of Aus­tralian women suf­fer di­ges­tive dis­com­fort, which may be caused by stress, their diet or life­style. Help min­imise bloat­ing with good di­ges­tive health. Foods rich in pro­bi­otics, such as pro­bi­otic yo­ghurt, can help ease the dis­com­fort.


“Poor guthealth can sapa per­son’s mood, en­er­gyand daily well­be­ing. There are manylinks be­tween di­ges­tion and over­all health,and we reg­u­larly see mood and­pro­duc­tiv­ity be­ing af­fected. For­tu­nately there are plenty of foodswe­can in­cor­po­rate into our di­et­toim­prove guthealth, with pro­bi­otic-rich op­tion­ssuch as Ac ti via yo­ghurt, proven to help im­prove di­ges­tive com­fort .”

All yo­ghurts con­tain live cul­tures – which trans­form milk into yo­ghurt – but not all of them con­tain pro­bi­otics, which are the good bac­te­ria that can pro­vide di­ges­tive health ben­e­fits. In ad­di­tion, not all pro­bi­otic yo­ghurts have proven di­ges­tive ben­e­fits, so it’s im­por­tant to check the la­bel to choose the right one. Ac­tivia® Pro­bi­otic Yo­ghurt, with the ex­clu­sive Bi­fidus Ac­tireg­u­laris, has been proven to help im­prove di­ges­tive com­fort.**

MICHELE CHEVALLEY HEDGE, nu­tri­tion­ist, writer and pre­sen­ter

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