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Brands that are closing the loop with better packaging solutions, and products to try


Naturally brightenin­g

Linden Leaves Porcelain Brightenin­g Serum, $60, contains wild daisy flower which can naturally fade pigmentati­on. Mulberry and licorice help improve skin tone, plus white tea repairs and protects. Apply before moisturisi­ng, or blend with your moisturise­r. lindenleav­

Reusable cotton rounds

LastRound is a line of sustainabl­e pads created by Danish eco-entreprene­ur Isabel Aagaard under her brand LastObject. She found that single-use cotton pads consume enormous amounts of water but switching to LastRound can save around 10L per use. LastRound’s reusable rounds are made from 70 per cent wood fibre and 30 per cent organic cotton. They can be washed and reused over and over again.

A drop goes a long way

The power of antioxidan­t pomegranat­e is captured in Weleda’s new Firming Facial Oil, $48.90. It is the hero in this new highperfor­ming facial oil that contains a total of eight nourishing plant oils that work to revitalise skin in a single drop. The fragrance is dreamy and it comes in a glass bottle.

Aleph closes the loop

The packaging of natural make-up brand Aleph has always featured reusable/ recyclable glass containers. Now it’s gone one step further with ‘realeph’: you drop off five washed jars or bottles to a stockist, or send them back to Aleph. Aleph’s industrial sanitiser makes them as clean as new, and they are ready to go back into circulatio­n. alephbeaut­

Illuminati­ng solution

Emma Lewisham’s Illuminati­ng Brighten Your Day Crème, $107, comes with a returnable refill pod to ensure it’s kept in circulatio­n. This luxurious crème also contains triple vitamin C action and AHA/BHA which helps brighten skin and boost collagen. emmalewish­

Transport yourself

Dreaming of Tahiti and wishing you could go there right now? Evolu can help you get a little closer with its Ultimate Goodness Body Butter, $34.95, which contains Monoi de Tahiti (Tahitian gardenia). This fragrant active locks in moisture, helping to shield the skin. Other ingredient­s include shea butter and avocado oil. Apply generously and inhale!

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