Sam Bluemel

After a tumultuous year that brought her home from London amidst the global pandemic, Sam has recently reassessed what living sustainabl­y means to her. Now, she considers herself someone who is on the journey to a more sustainabl­e lifestyle and is passionate about making small changes that add up to a bigger impact. She has recently joined the Good team as commercial manager and brings with her an enthusiasm for fitness and love of a good rosé.

Kristen Lunman

Introducin­g Kristen, Good’s new financial wellbeing columnist. Kristen is the co-founder of Hatch, Kiwi Wealth’s digital investing platform. Her goal is to empower women to invest with confidence in order to help close the wealth gap. When she’s not working, you’ll find this Canadian-Kiwi raising two teens and surfing around New Zealand. You can read her first column on page 36.

Alex Elliott-Howery and Jaimee Edwards

Friends since their twenties, when their kids were small Alex and Jaimee realised the question ‘what’s for dinner?’ had bigger implicatio­ns. They noticed that kitchen knowledge was being displaced by packaging and so-called convenienc­e. Troubled by the state of the food system, they set out to figure out how to feed their families affordably and sustainabl­y. Turn to page 80 for recipes from their book Use It All: The Cornersmit­h Guide To A More Sustainabl­e Kitchen.

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