Good humans

- Carolyn Enting, editor

As editor of Good one of the best things about my job is meeting so many good humans: people who are kind, care about stuff and make a positive difference to the world around them. Beautiful humans in this issue include Jessica Brown, co-founder of climate change collective Co-Benefits (page 11); Pamela McIntosh of All Is Calm and Bec Frankham and Carlie Hogan from Becca Project, whose products help create calm moments (pages 32-35); Claire Chitham and Kylie Bailey who share health wisdom from their book Good For You (from page 22); and Rachel Hunter who is helping people find peace and connection through her new platform Rituals with Rachel Hunter (pages 12-18).

We had a great day shooting the cover for this issue with Rachel, photograph­er Monty Adams and stylist Krisztina Moricz.

Spending time with Rachel, you quickly realise her spirit is filled with light. She emanates kindness and empathy and is a great listener, as well as being super fun and a simply gorgeous person.

Something Rachel said to me during our interview rang true, in response to some bullying she has encountere­d and her perspectiv­e on it, which is a perspectiv­e the world needs more of, I think.

When someone lashes out remember that “that person is a beautiful human being. They might be angry, they could be in fear…” Another poignant thing Rachel said was, “The more connected we are with ourselves, the kinder we will be externally – it starts with yourself.”

It’s a beautiful reminder to pause and be mindful, and to look within.

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