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I would like to thank you for a wonderful read in March/April’s Good (issue 73). My house has settled in for the night. All is quiet and it’s finally me time. I reached for your magazine and read it cover to cover. I cried and laughed, shook my head and wondered how the heck did they know I needed to read this. During the day I wear so many hats – wife, mum, nana, cousin and teacher. That was just today. Tomorrow could be easy, but then it could be tough. There are many demands to work miracles here in the Hokianga, in the middle of nowhere. But I escaped and found peace, forgivenes­s and understand­ing within your pages. I have had personal battles to face ... and I’ve won. So thank you for a wonderful magazine and keep up the GOOD work. Kathy Rose

Your magazine is awesome to read. My favourite article in the March/April issue is the ‘Art of the Written Word.’ I also enjoyed ‘Pausing with Poetry’ and ‘Creative Illuminati­ons.’ Your magazine is so inspiratio­nal. As a creative person I love to read and write and journaling has helped me express my emotions and creativity. I love op shopping and recycling. We are reusing items and saving them from going to landfill. I also prefer to use bar products to help reduce plastic usage. Keep up the good work. Amy Hayward

‘Ode to Insects’ (issue 72) was so inspiring for me. They play a critical role in the Earth’s ecosystem, keeping our planet alive for us. My favourite would be the spider, as they are always around the place, and it’s great to watch their antics as they spin their webs. I think my favourite thing about them is their unbelievab­le patience. Their divine message to me is to start being more patient. And finally, the ‘Good Thought’ is going on my bedroom door for summer! Audrey Shepherd

Hi there, I found Frank. I had to read the whole magazine to find him. Such a good issue (73), so good in fact that I’m tucking it into a parcel for my daughter Carolyn in Melbourne! Robyn Welsh

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