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Meet Jessica Brown, 33, co-founder of New Zealand climate change collective, Co-Benefits.

She was inspired to take action and set up an organisati­on that makes meaningful change after working for a time in the climate change industry and witnessing government inaction and corporate greenwashi­ng first-hand.

Her lightbulb moment was when she discovered low-carbon and green technology projects that help others reduce their emissions and need funding to go ahead.

Bringing these projects together under the Co-Benefits banner she is enabling others to also become part of the solution by choosing a project and signing up to donate $5 a week.

Projects Co-Benefits support include agro-forestry protecting endangered wildlife whilst creating jobs in Panama. “Helping reduce emissions through our fund is an act of self-care for those feeling overwhelme­d by the climate crisis, while also being an impactful act of caring for people and the planet,” says Brown. “Our goal is to get everyone making smart emissions-based climate choices. If 5000 people sign up for a year, the collective can save 52 million kg of CO2e from the atmosphere. That’s the same amount of CO2e that would be saved in a year if 17,800 Kiwis swapped to electric cars.

“With climate justice in mind, we’re helping people and the planet. It’s a win-win.”

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