What Claire does to reduce inflammati­on


· No dairy “Stopping dairy was key to feeling much better while I healed. I noticed my digestive system functioned better and with more ease. I’ve opted for alternativ­e milks in my coffee, such as oat and coconut.”

· Select sustainabl­y sourced, ethically raised everything “I want my food to come from near where I live and be farmed responsibl­y.”

· Choose organic, whenever it is available and affordable “There are likely to be less toxins for my body to process.”

· Reduce acidic foods “If I get lazy and let my moods dictate my food choices, and if I have too much booze or starch, I develop skin rashes, dryness and itchiness. Those are warning signs for me that inflammati­on is running rampant so I trade starchy carbs for green juice and add more bone broth and veges into my diet.”

· Meditation or breathwork “When I start to feel stressed, upset or too busy in life, I turn pretty quickly towards meditation or using my breath to help calm my body down. Big deep breaths can do wonders!”

· Go wild “If I’m upset or too busy, I’ll also go for a walk in nature, the beach, put my feet in the sand or water. I find it helps connects me to my body, instead of being too much in my head. It calms my system.”

· Strength and movement “I do Pilates, yoga or workouts on the mat at home a few times a week. Building strength is important for maintainin­g a health posture so your systems can function properly and it is also anti-ageing!”

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