Natural deodorant? No sweat!

After years of developmen­t to get it just right, essano has produced a range of natural deodorants.

- @sammydavie­sxx

Armpits are very sensitive parts of the body, and they tend to put up with a lot – including regular shaving and waxing. The least we can do to keep our pits happy is use a natural deodorant. few years ago, essano (known for its #1 best-selling range of natural rosehip skincare) took on the challenge of creating a natural roll-on deodorant that actually works. It took time to develop a range of beautifull­y smelling deodorants that allowed the body to naturally sweat, while also making sure that the final result was a deodorant that was better for the environmen­t at the same time.

As the saying goes, good things take time, and the end result is the new range of three natural deodorants – Lily Flower & Chamomile, Mandarin & Aloe Vera and a Freedom Fragrance Free natural deodorant – all of which come in a container made from 100 per cent recycled material.

Shane Young, co-founder of essano, says, “Once our team finalised the formula, we could have launched using virgin plastic imported from China, but instead we decided to spend more time and money to work with a

New Zealand supplier and be the first deodorant in New Zealand to use 100 per cent recycled plastic.”

So, what makes essano’s range of natural deodorants different? Instead of masking smells by using a stronger smell, or using harsh bicarbonat­e soda to dry the skin to reduce sweating, essano has explored new technology, which gently neutralise­s bacteria under your arms. essano’s natural deodorants are free from bicarbonat­e soda, aluminium, and drying alcohol, so won’t irritate your skin or clog your pores. You won’t experience dry skin, however body odour will be inhibited for up to eight hours.

“After trialling natural ingredient­s from around the world, our on-site chemists discovered four new-technology, natural actives proven to effectivel­y destroy and inhibit the bacteria that cause odours. We then put it to the test with women from around New Zealand,” says Shane.

Testing was carried out with 70 women from around New Zealand between the ages of 25 and 75. Half had used natural deodorant before and half hadn’t. Of these women, 89 per cent said they’re likely to buy it again, and it was described as being light, quick-drying, and lasting.

Spending the extra time to ensure they created a deodorant they believed in, both in its effectiven­ess and its sustainabi­lity story, was crucial for essano. It wanted to ensure the deodorant it introduced to its customers was something that was sustainabl­e both inside and out. essano is so confident this natural deodorant works, and users will love it, that it’s offering a 30-day money-back guarantee should you not be fully satisfied with your deodorant (see for terms and conditions).

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