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The Forager’s Treasury

Johanna Knox, Allen & Unwin NZ, $45

Knox has produced an essential guide to finding and using wild plants in Aotearoa, including helpful rules, as well as which of these herbs and plants are safe to eat and how best to use them.

Wild Seas to Greenland

Rebecca Hayter, Oceansprin­t Publishing, $40

Yachting journalist Hayter takes you on a wild ride with New Zealand ocean racing skipper Ross Field by joining him as he sets his sights on sailing the Northwest Passage after refitting a 20-year-old aluminium yacht.


Ruth Allen, Welbeck, $33

This beautiful book explores how we can therapeuti­cally benefit from a deeper connection with nature, finding within it balance, stillness, solitude, resilience, contentmen­t, activity, fearlessne­ss – and your own wild voice.

Fifty Years a Feminist

Sue Kedgley, Massey University Press, $40

Kedgley’s frank, spirited autobiogra­phy tracks the developmen­t of feminism in New Zealand over the last five decades, its intersecti­on with her life and asks, where to from here?

Waste Not Want Not

Sarah Burtscher, SJKB Ltd, $40

A cookbook based on the top 10 foods thrown out in New Zealand. With $1.7 billion of food wasted a year, this book gives the general household 80 fridge-cleaning recipes and 40-plus tips and tricks for minimising food waste and maximising flavour.

The Abundant Garden

Niva and Yotam Kay, Allen & Unwin NZ, $45

Permacultu­re farmers from the Coromandel share how to create a productive, regenerati­ve vegetable garden and the latest scientific research on soil health and regenerati­ve practices.

Tree Sense

Edited by Susette Goldsmith, Massey University Press, $37

A collection of essays by artists, activists and ecologists which discusses the many ways in which humans need trees, and how our future is laced into their roots and their branches.

A Richer You

Mary Holm, Harper Collins New Zealand, $37

Sometimes it’s best to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others. Mary Holm’s new book features 184 of these situations, to help make your financial journey smoother.

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