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In a market where greenwashi­ng is rampant and products claiming to be the next best thing around, shopping for your health can be bamboozlin­g. That’s why Good is proud to partner with responsibl­e retailer HealthPost, whose robust vetting processes take guesswork out of the equation.

HealthPost executive director and sustainabi­lity lead Lucy Butler, daughter of the company founder Linley, has grown up in the business, which has been valuesbase­d for more than 30 years. Looking after community and the environmen­t underpins HealthPost’s ethics and over the years it has raised the bar in Aotearoa’s natural products industry.

“We assess and evaluate all of the brands and products that we work with,” says Butler. “Our mindful values are a filter and the standards that we apply across the range include eco packaging, transparen­cy, social responsibi­lity and environmen­tal responsibi­lity as well as the ingredient­s.”

HealthPost has its own team of natural health experts led by registered naturopath Liz McNamara, whose job is to check ingredient­s are safe and not part of HealthPost’s Red List* as well as keeping abreast of new research related to ingredient­s that may be harmful for human or environmen­tal health. “We make that informatio­n as accessible as possible and allow people to dig deeper if they are inclined, but best of all we want them to know that they can shop with us knowing that we have done the work and the informatio­n they are given will be accurate,” says Butler.

Behind the scenes, HealthPost – which stocks 5,500 products – has long worked with big and small brands to improve their offerings and positively influence their sustainabi­lity practices, and it won’t stock products that don’t meet its standards. Some brands have improved their ingredient­s as a result of the Red List and value alignment standards.

HealthPost’s “Shop Your Way” allows consumers to shop by their ethical values and dietary preference­s, with 40+ filters from BPA-Free Packaging to Certified Organic. “Mindful Brands” are also championed on the shopping platform, to boost brands leading the way.

HealthPost aims to have a lasting, positive impact on the wellbeing of people and planet, so it’s no surprise it was a finalist in the “Restoring Nature” and “Social Impactor” categories at the 2021 Sustainabl­e Business Network Awards.

Over the past four years, the HealthPost Nature Trust has been working with the Department of Conservati­on and Manawhenua Ki Mohua to restore biodiversi­ty to Onetahua Farewell Spit, and they are looking forward to reintroduc­ing endangered seabirds to the ecosanctua­ry in early 2022. “We’ve been trapping, planting and building burrows – it’s kind of like a little Hobbiton for birds,” says Butler.

HealthPost also has its own 10-hectare government-registered indigenous forest just 10 minutes’ drive from its Collingwoo­d HQ. And it recently became Ekos Zero Carbon-certified. They chose Ekos for its connection­s with the local area and because it offsets with indigenous forest projects, which have the added benefit of creating native habitat to enhance biodiversi­ty.

HealthPost’s sister brand BioBalance was the first natural health company in Australasi­a to be B Corp-certified. HealthPost is now on track to becoming B Corp-certified in 2022 – an important and rewarding sustainabi­lity step.

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