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The Olive Tree in My Kitchen

Helen Melser, Bateman Books, $35

New Zealand olive grower and producer Melser shares the health benefits of the olive tree, plus 80 delectable recipes including crispy beer-battered olives, olive caviar crumbs and sparkling olive leaf soda.

Fine Line: Twelve Environmen­tal Sculptures Encircle the Earth

Martin Hill and Philippa Jones, Bateman Books, $70

An astounding book that describes the intrepid journeys and climbs of Hill and Jones over 25 years creating environmen­tal art made from materials found on site in some of the world’s most remote locations.

Thank You

Dana Winter, Beatnik Publishing, $30

This beautifull­y illustrate­d children’s book celebrates nature while telling a story of gratitude. Comes with teaching notes.

After Dark: Walking into the Nights of Aotearoa

Annette Lees, Potton & Burton, $40

Sharing tales from a lifetime of walking deep into Aotearoa’s night, conservati­onist Lees takes you on a journey through a hidden world.

The Spirit of Cardrona: Where Dreams are Hatched

Desiree Reid-Whitaker, HarperColl­ins NZ, $65

An inspiratio­nal business story and first-hand account by ReidWhitak­er of how she pursued and succeeded in her dream of setting up a world-class whiskey distillery in Cardrona.

Beginners: The Joy and Transforma­tive Power of Lifelong Learning

Tom Vanderbilt, Atlantic, $25

An uplifting exploratio­n of the science of brain plasticity and how we can learn to learn anew. Beginners asks: why are children the only ones allowed to experience the fun of daily challenges? And could we benefit from embracing new skills, even if we’re initially hopeless?

Our Home in Myanmar

Jessica Mudditt, Hembury Press, $35

A page-turning memoir from a journalist who lived in Myanmar for four years before her untimely and possibly fortunate exit. Mudditt provides a fantastic insight into mysterious Myanmar. A dollar from every copy sold will be donated to fundraiser­s on isupportmy­

A Guide to Touring New Zealand’s Wineries

Joelle Thomson, New Holland, $60

This book is more than just “where to drink wine or see the vineyards from which it’s made”. Thomson, a wine writer, wine lover and former flambé waitress, provides an insight into the most delicious places to eat, stay and enjoy.

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