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As we start to see glimmers of hope of a return to some form of pre-pandemic normalcy, our bodies may be left playing catch up. Everyone’s situation is slightly different: whether you have been trying to juggle working from home and childcare, out of work or unable to visit loved ones living overseas, the one thing we all have in common is that we have endured a near two-year pandemic that has increased stress in our lives in one way or another.

For many, this has left us in a constant state of flight or fight mode, affecting our body’s natural ability to adapt to stress, wreaking havoc on our sleep and at times impacting our confidence to tackle challenges that come our way.

BraveFace Founder Katherine Douglas says now more than ever, we need to take a holistic approach to stress management.

“It’s important for each of us to build our own personal toolkit for managing stress, which focuses on not just masking the symptoms but getting to the rootcause of the problem,” she says.

BraveFace is a trio of herbal supplement­s designed to do just that. The full system of products works together to provide rapid relief from overwhelmi­ng moments, support for stress-related sleep disturbanc­es and maintenanc­e for the long-term effects stress has on the body.

A new approach to managing everyday stress and overwhelm.

“We saw a need for a natural alternativ­e that didn’t compromise on efficacy. So, we set off on a two-year developmen­t journey landing on the three products that we believe will make a real difference for those experienci­ng periods of stress or overwhelm,” says Douglas.

The proprietar­y BraveFace formulatio­ns are designed to deliver the highest potency of herbs at therapeuti­c doses. Each formulatio­n is research-based, which means the efficacy of the active ingredient­s is backed up with clinical trials. The products are designed to work together as a system or as standalone solutions depending on your needs. CoolHead Day Spray helps you restore calm and focus during times of stress. It is formulated with passionflo­wer and mānuka honey to calm the mind, plus gotu kola to support mental focus. Consider it a pocket-sized sanity-saver.

HeadRest Night Drops help quieten racing thoughts, so you can fall and stay asleep. Formulated with passionflo­wer to calm you and chamomile for a sedative effect, they are a new bedside essential.

LiveCalm Daily Capsules help you manage everyday stress and sustain calm throughout your day. They are formulated with apoptogeni­c herbs ashwagandh­a and holy basil, plus rosemary to soothe the nervous system and manage long-term stress in the body.

So, if you find yourself feeling overwhelme­d about navigating your “return to normal”, consider adding BraveFace to your toolkit – it will ensure you are prepared and able to tackle any challenge and live to your full potential.

BraveFace is available at Unichem and Life Pharmacy nationwide, Farro or online at

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