5 steps to Good Health

As we head into the chilly winter months, it’s only natural that Kiwis will have their family’s health top-of-mind.


Taking care of our immune system is not only important so that we minimise the risk of ills and chills, it’s also critical for the prevention of more serious diseases.

“When it comes to winter nasties, it’s best to build your immune health before you start feeling ill,” advises Good Health’s in-house naturopath Jane McClurg. “By making small changes to your daily routine, you can make a big di erence, and if you see the need for additional, targeted nutrient support, that’s where supplement­s can play an important role.”

With 35 years of experience supporting New Zealanders to be the best they can be, Good Health is here to support you naturally this winter with their 5 steps to Good Health:


If we don’t get adequate sleep, not only is our mood and brain function compromise­d, our immune system is too. It is during sleep that our cells undergo repair, making it crucial for everyday function. To get the recommende­d 7-9 hours of quality sleep, try:

• Having a regular bedtime (even on weekends!). Sleep hygiene and regularity is key to feeling refreshed the next day.

• Good Health’s Magnesium Sleep Support to help your body to relax into sleep.


Research suggests regular exercise helps to reduce the number of infections we face each year, not only because it helps to strengthen our immune system, but exercise helps to flush toxins from the body, too. To up your movement, try: • Starting small, especially if you don’t move often. Walking around the block is better than nothing, but pushing yourself too far too quickly will discourage you from continuing good exercise habits. nd • Good Health’s Pannex Joint to support joint comfort and functional mobility. It’s important to support any joint sti ness to allow more time to enjoy each day.


No matter what the stressor, a stressed body or mind a ects our health and exhausts our immune system. During times of stress, a huge amount of cortisol is released, which depletes our vitamin C levels. To improve your mood, try:

• Stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation. • Good Health’s Rapid Calm supports mood health and starts working in 15 minutes. Taking care of stress levels year-round is a vital part of self care.


As more pressure is placed on the immune system, our body needs more nutrients. Plus, how our body breaks down food, absorbs nutrients and eliminates toxins has an impact on our overall health and wellbeing. To supercharg­e your digestive system, try: • Eating less processed or refined foods, balancing complex carbs, proteins and healthy fats.

• A gentle yet e ective formula that works naturally to support the body’s cleansing process, such as Multi Fibre.

Immune system

Your immune system is constantly at work to support your health and wellbeing. To support your body’s defence, try:

• Going back to basics, ensuring you’re well-hydrated and incorporat­ing plenty of fresh fruits and veg in your diet. • Two of Good Health’s most recognisab­le products, Viralex or Viralax Kids Immune Chews. These comprehens­ive formulas support the immune system.

Good Health’s range of vitamins and supplement­s are available at all good pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

To learn more about the 5 Steps to Good Health, visit Plus, keep an eye on Good Health’s Facebook and Instagram from June to August for advice, challenges and chances to win great prizes!

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