Liz McNamara

A registered naturopath and herbalist with more than 19 years of experience in natural health, Liz is the Chairperso­n for Naturopath­s & Medical Herbalists New Zealand, committed to progressin­g naturopath­y as a regulated health profession. In 2021, Liz became a cosmetic chemist with an interest in high-performing products with innovative, natural ingredient­s. As a former judge of the 2020 Best of Natural Awards, Liz is particular­ly passionate about brands who are making a positive di erence to people and planet. Product Quality Guardian and Mindful Brands Committee member at HealthPost, Liz champions their strict ingredient standards and range curation, as well as guiding brands to make sustainabl­e changes. Liz lives and breathes holistic health and is driven to support others to lead healthier lives through empowering education.

Sara Corlieson

The founder and entreprene­ur behind Tailor Skincare, Sara started Tailor in her kitchen and grew it into one of New Zealand’s most loved natural skincare brands. Sara’s early adoption of a digital-first approach with Tailor Skincare blazed a trail in the social media marketing space. But it was Sara’s passion for R&D and natural ingredient discovery that grew a loyal online following and led her to develop Tailor Renew – New Zealand’s first ever probiotic skincare along with many other multi-award-winning natural skincare products loved by thousands of Kiwis. With the successful sale of Tailor Skincare earlier this year Sara is expanding her horizons into the sustainabl­e cultivatio­n and optimisati­on of natural ingredient­s.

Rachel Grunwell

Wellness expert (wellness coach/ speaker/yoga + mindfulnes­s teacher), award-winning journalist and author of Balance: Food, Health + Happiness, Rachel has 28 years’ experience in the media industry as a writer and columnist for a string of New Zealand’s biggest media organisati­ons. She still writes for magazines in the niche of wellness, though these days, she’s more often the one being interviewe­d by media as a wellness expert. She runs her own company, Inspired Health NZ, and runs retreats to help Kiwis with relatable tools on how to be more resilient, healthier and happier. Over the past decade, Rachel has found herself viewed by companies and brands as a “wellness influencer” and has loved trying lots of new products on the market. This has led to her partnering with several brands that care about elevating the wellbeing of Kiwis. Rachel gives a stu about not stu ing up the planet, and as a self-confessed “girly-girl”, she only backs brands that deliver on an exceptiona­l experience too.

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