banish shower steam

Protect yourself and your home with Showerdome®.


Steam occurs when warm moist air mixes with cold air and it can cause foggy mirrors, paint damage and wet walls and ceilings, adding significan­t costs to house maintenanc­e.

Damp surfaces are the perfect place for fungus and bacteria to grow, which can cause serious health problems.

Moisture also causes slippery floors, and bathroom falls are among the leading causes of accidents in the home.

According to the Energy E iciency and Conservati­on Authority (EECA), the average shower releases 1.5 litres of moisture into the air. To prevent this, the EECA recommends putting a lid on shower cubicles to avoid dampness.

Showerdome® is a clear acrylic dome that attaches to the shower cubicle top to act as a barrier between moist and cold air thus preventing steam forming, reducing condensati­on and making the home healthier and warmer. Genius!

A Kiwi invention, Showerdome® is proudly New Zealand owned and operated and for good reason.

Independen­t tests, taking both summer and winter temperatur­es into account, have proved Showerdome® lowers humidity and sustains air temperatur­e in the bathroom.

Apart from the health benefits, safety and comfort, a Showerdome® helps savings on gas and electricit­y. Research by the University of Waikato proves that a Showerdome®, when used correctly, can pay for itself within two years.

A Showerdome® costs $339 plus installati­on of around $150.

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