Never sewed before or returning after a long break? Try these tips for a seamless (no pun intended) experience.


Keep it cheap

Obviously, to start sewing, you need a sewing machine. But you don’t need a top-end model to whip up highly wearable clothes. An entrylevel machine from Spotlight will only set you back a couple of hundred dollars – an expense that will quickly pay itself o after you’ve made just a couple of high-quality garments. In addition to a sewing machine, you’ll need some needles, pins and scissors, but you can pick all three up for a song if you keep it basic. You could also consider borrowing or renting a machine to start with, if expense is an issue.

Get some guidance

Learning to sew involves a few basic techniques and it can be helpful to have some guidance while you pick them up. Going to a class is ideal – Google one in your area! – but there’s also a wealth of resources on YouTube, or you could ask a friend or family member or the sta at any fabric store. The most important thing is to give yourself plenty of time and patience to pick up those initial skills.

Start with an achievable project

Start with a project that isn’t too challengin­g, but still fills you with excitement. Often, beginner sewists are recommende­d to start with tote bags or napkins – but sewing a simple skirt is just as easy and far more enjoyable because you end up with a garment you can proudly wear out. Still, don’t start with something really di icult: you’ll just end up frustrated, which could put you o sewing altogether. An early win is crucial!

Look for inspiratio­n

Nothing gets you in the mood for sewing quite like a spot of inspo. Instagram is a fount of ideas – check out some of our favourite accounts, listed to the left – or head into your local fabric shop and see which of the textiles or sewing patterns on o er grabs you.

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