Molly Woppy turns 20!

A joyful milestone for the artisan Kiwi cookie makers.


Kiwi cookie makers Molly Woppy turn 20 this August – time flies when you’re having fun! The brand started in the kitchen of Hayley and Alistair way back in 2002 and quickly grew into a New Zealand favourite. Molly Woppy cookies are created by foodies and chefs using real, quality ingredient­s, so you can enjoy a truly delicious biscuit. Simple, honest and made with love, they’re batch-made and hand-scooped, just like you’d do at home. Life doesn’t get much better than an artisan Molly Woppy gingerbrea­d man dipped in a mug of your favourite hot drink.

Molly Woppy prides itself on carefully selecting the best-quality ingredient­s, from the smoothest chocolate and most aromatic vanilla pods to the zestiest fruit and zingiest ginger, and you can taste the di erence. In line with its philosophy of generosity and love, Molly Woppy crams each cookie full of goodies, so you get more chocolate chunks per bite. No scrimping here!

Molly Woppy has always been an inclusive brand, recognisin­g the need to cater to those often left out of the biscuit market. It has o ered a stellar gluten-free range since 2005 – Coeliac Org approved with the Crossed Grain logo – featuring the likes of Milk Choccy Chunk cookies and Sticky Date, Walnut and Chia cookies. Yum!

Last year, the brand also released a fully plant-based cookie range, due to the demand for vegan-friendly cookies. It was no easy feat – delicious cookies without butter or eggs are hard to make! – but Molly Woppy’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Popcorn cookies, Choccy Coconut Ru cookies and Oaty Apricot Super Seedy cookies mean vegans don’t have to feel like they’re missing out.

And catering to a plant-based lifestyle isn’t all Molly Woppy is doing to support sustainabi­lity. Molly Woppy operates according to a Best Practice Policy which aims to make the impact on the planet a factor in every decision – from o ice equipment to packaging choices, and beyond.

Plus, Molly Woppy has always been a family-owned and operated business. Kiwi born and raised, the brand employs local people and sources ingredient­s from ethical New Zealand suppliers wherever possible, meaning knowledge and dollars are recycled back into our country. Molly Woppy cookies are a choice you can make in good conscience – both for your dollars and your tummy!

To celebrate 20 years of yum, Molly Woppy has brought back one of its original cookies. The Limited Edition Triple Choccy Fudge is a scrumptiou­sly rich, chocolatey cookie, lovingly dipped in birthday sprinkles and made with 100% love. It’s available throughout the month of August from selected retailers and Molly Woppy’s online shop. @mollywoppy­nz

 ?? ?? Molly Woppy’s beloved gingerbrea­d kid cookies.
Molly Woppy creators Hayley and Alistair.
A biscuit from the new Molly Woppy plant-based range.
Molly Woppy’s beloved gingerbrea­d kid cookies. Molly Woppy creators Hayley and Alistair. A biscuit from the new Molly Woppy plant-based range.

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