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In pursuit of calm and a good night’s sleep, Good editor Carolyn Enting tests BraveFace’s trio of herbal remedies.


Iknow I’m not alone in struggling with the end of year juggle that sees stress levels soar. There’s so much to do in a short space of time as we approach Christmas and the summer holidays, and when stress levels rise, sleep can take a hit too. I don’t have kids but I do work in a deadline-driven industry, and at times that can get overwhelmi­ng, so when BraveFace asked me to try their trio of herbal remedies – CoolHead, HeadRest and LiveCalm – I was up for it! Having tried di erent sleep potions in the past with not great results, I was also a little sceptical, so I’m here to share how they have worked for me. BraveFace recommends taking three full pipettes of HeadRest Herbal Night Drops 15 minutes before bed and there is a good reason for that. I was astonished with the knockout e ect. Within minutes I was feeling drowsy and ready to hit the pillow. And when I did, falling asleep was easy (no tossing and turning), my sleep was deeper and I woke feeling more rested. Did I sleep through the whole night? No, but I haven’t since I was a child and I have my bladder to thank for that! However, I did drop easily back to sleep after my nightly trip to the toilet and have declared HeadRest a new favourite forever friend. Intrigued to find out why it was so e ective, I quizzed BraveFace registered naturopath Rochelle Bailey who explained that HeadRest’s two active ingredient­s – passionflo­wer and chamomile – have been traditiona­lly used as mild sedatives to naturally help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Administer­ed in concentrat­ed herbal doses means they are keeping to the promise on the packet. “As a liquid format it absorbs almost immediatel­y into the bloodstrea­m and is quickly available to the nervous system which is one of the reasons why it is so e ective,” Bailey explains. “More e ective than a capsule or tablet which the body has to break down.”

Passionflo­wer also helps with a calm mood and restlessne­ss and is the main ingredient in BraveFace CoolHead Herbal Day Spray, joined by calming Gotu kola and mānuka honey which helps support the nervous system. This spray rapidly provides calm and focus during challengin­g moments, as I can attest. I used it to great e ect when flying in turbulence on a recent trip to Wellington. Also after an unexpected, unpleasant encounter with a person that got me rattled, I sat in rush hour tra ic ruminating over the situation. Suddenly I remembered I had the CoolHead in my bag. I whipped it out and was amazed by the calming e ect on my nervous system after a couple of sprays. In that moment I was putting on my BraveFace and gained a new appreciati­on for the name! “CoolHead also calms you down, providing both physical, and mental and emotional support,” says Bailey. The concentrat­ed formula really packs a punch and tastes nice too, which I think is worth a mention. In the lead-up to Christmas, I also took a daily dose of the BraveFace LiveCalm Capsules during the trial. Ingredient­s include rosemary, which helps with focus and memory, and adaptogeni­c herbs ashwagandh­a and holy basil, which support normal adrenal function. Considerin­g the commitment­s I had on my plate, I should have been spinning out, but instead, I faced each one calmly and got the job done. So if you feel like you are living on the edge, I highly recommend you give BraveFace a try!

BraveFace is available at Farro and selected pharmacies. Use code GOOD10 for 10% o your first purchase online.,

“I was astonished with the knockout effect. Within minutes I was feeling drowsy and ready to hit the pillow.”

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