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Multix Greener Afoil has your summer entertaini­ng needs covered.


Heading into the silly summer season is a beautiful mix of busy and lax. It’s hectic in the lead-up to Christmas and summer entertaini­ng o ers plenty to keep you busy – but you’re also trying to chillax after the year that’s been.

It can be di icult to make the right choices when shopping. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there!

That’s why Good is a huge fan of Multix Greener – a range of greener bags, wraps and foils.

Multix makes it easier to choose household products that reduce their impact on the environmen­t and its summer hero must-have is undoubtedl­y Multix Greener Alfoil.

Multix Greener Alfoil is as strong as regular aluminium foil (alfoil) but is made from 100 per cent recycled pre-consumer cuttings. It also requires just 5 per cent of the energy used to produce standard alfoil.

Multix Greener Alfoil can also be reused if it is clean enough and not too crumpled (clean it with a damp sponge or put it in the dishwasher top rack).

Plus, it’s 100 per cent recyclable! Just ensure it is clean of food and scrunch it into a ball after use.

It’s great for entertaini­ng purposes – whether for keeping food hot or for keeping it free from flying critters prior to dishing up.

And later, once the food has cooled, Multix Greener Alfoil is great for storing any leftovers.

Both sides of the foil can also be used. It really doesn’t matter.

Any tips for use? Always read the oven user manual before lining the bottom of your oven with alfoil to catch drips and spills. It may seem like a grand idea, but it could cause possible heat damage to your oven. The same goes for the microwave, where using foil can result in sparks or flames! Also avoid covering stainless steel dishes with Alfoil as it can cause discoloura­tion.

And be sure to use a layer of baking paper before covering dishes containing acidic foods, such as lemon or tomatoes, as these can cause the foil to pit and result in metallicta­sting dishes.

Alfoil has many great uses beyond the kitchen and barbecue too.

It’s wonderful for lining drawers as it is easy to wipe and helps reflect the light in dark corners.

It’s also great for protecting pie crusts from burning in the oven. Just cover the edges with a ring of alfoil to keep the crust from getting overdone – the perfect remedy for producing a pie filled with seasonal summer fruit and berries! Multix Greener Alfoil is available from Countdown and selected New World, PAK’nSAVE stores, Mitre 10 and Bargain Chemist Stores nationwide.

Multix Greener Alfoil is as strong as regular aluminium foil (alfoil) but is made from 100% re®cled pre-consumer cuŽings. It also requires just 5% of the energy used to produce standard alfoil.

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