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Fish oil plays a key role in looking after our organ function, eye health, joints and mobility.


Is omega-3 part of your daily routine? It’s a supplement that has well-establishe­d cardiovasc­ular benefits, and may even have neuroprote­ctive effects and improve cognitive function – especially if the omega-3 fish oil you use is high in EPA (eicosapent­aenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexa­enoic acid).

Not all fish oils are created equal, though. Backed by human study, formulated by industry experts, and made and designed in New Zealand, Lester’s Oil and Lester’s Oil Advanced are premium omega-3 supplement­s that pack a powerful punch with their unique formulatio­ns – plus, why take six supplement­s when you could take one?

Health bene ts for the brain and vision

As well as containing the two EPA and DHA omega-3s, Lester’s Oil Advanced has many beneficial key ingredient­s:

• Astaxanthi­n: a powerful antioxidan­t found in prawns and crayfish that has anti-inflammato­ry and neuroprote­ctive e ects, crosses the blood-brain barrier, and has shown promising results in improving cognition.

• Co-Enzyme Q10: an essential antioxidan­t for cellular energy production and has beneficial e ects on the cardiovasc­ular system. It may also protect the brain from ageing, inflammati­on, and oxidative stress.

• Phosphatid­ylcholine and phosphatid­ylserine: these are phospholip­ids that play a role in cell signalling and maintainin­g brain cell structure. Supplement­ing with these nutrients may improve cognitive function and reduce factors associated with cognitive decline.

• Vitamin D: deficiency in this vitamin has been associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, but the relationsh­ip between vitamin D and brain function is still not fully understood. Low levels of vitamin D have also been linked to cerebrovas­cular events.

• Lutein and zeaxanthin: carotenoid­s found in plants and concentrat­ed in the retina of the eye. They act as antioxidan­ts and have been shown to have beneficial e ects on eye health, particular­ly in preventing age-related macular degenerati­on and cataracts.

Backed by research

In a human study conducted at a New Zealand university in 2014, Lester’s Oil was shown to increase participan­ts’ omega-3 fatty acids levels by an average of 59 per cent in just four weeks.

The study was designed to minimise bias and placebo e ects by blinding participan­ts and researcher­s to the treatment regime, and blood, urine and faecal samples were collected throughout the study and analysed by various laboratori­es.

Preliminar­y results indicated that Lester’s Oil supplement­ation resulted in a significan­t increase in high-density lipoprotei­n (HDL or ‘good fat’) and a significan­t decrease in triglyceri­des and C-reactive protein (CRP), which are indicators for inflammati­on. Changes in cholestero­l, LDL/cholestero­l ratio, and low-density lipoprotei­n (LDL) were not significan­tly di erent between the Lester’s Oil group and the placebo group.

These results suggest that Lester’s Oil improved the health status of healthy individual­s by reducing inflammati­on and improving lipid profiles, specifical­ly increasing HDL and lowering triglyceri­des and CRP.

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