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Broccoli stems as well as florets are an excellent source of nutrition including vitamin C and folate, and are a great source of fibre. They can be added to your favourite recipes, or you can turn them into a healthy rice substitute using a food processor.

2 A blooming great discovery

An extract from dahlia flower petals has been found to stabilise blood sugar levels of diabetes patients in University of Otago-led clinical trials. Now the research team is working to bring a natural dahlia-extract supplement to the market, aiming to support normal blood sugar and insulin levels. University of Otago

3 Support indie publishing without spending a cent

If you’re strapped for cash, a way to help small presses is by requesting their books at your local library. Simply visit the website of your local public library and request that the library purchases a publicatio­n from your favourite press. Google “name of library + ask us to buy it” and you’ll find the link. Gloria Publishing


For an easy and green way to start seeds, save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Cut the tubes into 2-inch lengths and set them in a waterproof tray. Fill the tubes with potting soil and plant your seeds. When the seedlings are ready to move to the garden, plant them right in their cardboard tube. The cardboard will decompose. familyhand­

5 Use cayenne pepper to ward off pests

Cayenne won’t harm your plants, but it will keep unwanted animals and bugs from munching on all your hard work. All you need to do is sprinkle a quarter cup throughout your garden every few days and you’ll begin to see healthier plants without chewed-up leaves and half-eaten fruit.

6 Use your oven as a proofing drawer

Sometimes the kitchen is just too cold to get a good proof on homemade bread. If that’s the case, pop the dough in the oven – don’t turn it on. Instead, place a pan of simmering water below your dough and shut the door. The warmth and humidity from the hot water will help you get the lift you need. tasteofhom­

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