Making Good with a Future Gift

Together, we can transform tomorrow and make a difference in communitie­s impacted by poverty.


Incorporat­ing a heartfelt gift in your Will to support your favourite charity is a remarkable way to uphold the causes close to your heart. Meet Ross (pictured) and Shayney Wallis, the compassion­ate Waikato dairy farmers who found inspiratio­n in Tearfund’s dairy developmen­t programme in Sri Lanka.

Deeply moved by Tearfund’s impactful work in Sri Lanka, Shayney and her husband Ross, a sixth-generation dairy farmer from Raglan, felt a strong desire to give back to the nation that had supported them by purchasing their milk. They joined forces with Tearfund’s post-war dairy recovery programme which empowers women, youth, and men through agricultur­al enterprise, breathing life into brighter futures.

Ross and Shayney visited the project in 2018, and it had a profound impact on them. “We felt extremely privileged to visit farms there, and it gave us a great deal to reflect on when we went home.”

Recently, they made the decision to include Tearfund in their Will to extend their support to see farmers flourish in Sri Lanka well into the future. “We see our purpose is to work alongside people to create good things for future generation­s by supporting effective and longlastin­g work. That is why we included Tearfund in our Will. By giving a gift that will outlive us, we can ensure our support continues to make a significan­t impact.”

By including a gift to Tearfund in your Will, you can be part of this life-transformi­ng work, empowering communitie­s to break free from poverty, exploitati­on, and rebuild hope in the aftermath of disasters and conflicts.

If Ross and Shayney’s story has touched your heart and you’re eager to know more about how you can make a positive impact in the world through a gift in your Will, visit or contact us at giftsinwil­ or call 021 587 665.

Tearfund New Zealand is a charity working for a just and compassion­ate world. For nearly 50 years, Kiwis have been partnering with Tearfund to equip communitie­s around the world with lasting solutions to fight injustice and poverty.

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