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Hi Good magazine! Finally, I have found a magazine that brings me joy with every page – thank you so much!


Who better than Ruby Tui to be the poster girl for your latest issue? She walks the talk and is so inspiratio­nal which is probably why so many of our youth worship her. The feedback from her attendance­s at many of our high schools are testament to this.

From a di icult childhood, helped by friends, family, and her beliefs she has become a role model to many of us irrespecti­ve of age or circumstan­ces. Her book is full of learned wisdom, validated through lived experience, some of which I too have practised.

Acting from the heart means I can look myself in the mirror and like what I see.

I can’t rewind my life – but I can change the future.

Through hard times HOPE and FAITH have kept me afloat. HOPE helping other possibilit­ies emerge and FAITH facing adversity in tiny helpings.

So yes, I wholeheart­edly agree about the merits of Ruby writing another book about her words of wisdom, if only I could have read this book 50-plus years ago...

P. S. Ruby and Good magazine really are a good fit, both being inspiratio­nal for your magazine has this in spades.

Ann Kidd

I first got introduced to Good magazine through the Women’s Lifestyle Expo in Hamilton, where you got a goody bag filled with groceries and treats (that was the main reason for subscribin­g) and a 6 issue subscripti­on. I got home and started reading the Aug-Sept issue and was hooked! When my next magazine came, I think that was the best day! I read these cover to cover! Thank you Good!

Michele Wallace

I smiled to read Al Brown’s comments about bran mu ins being the only authentic and / or healthy type of mu in. I’m not such a purist as Al.

I rather like a ‘ mu in with a stu in’ (of cream cheese or good quality jam). But I do agree that the oversized confection­s, dressed up with whipped cream, candies, chocolate and icing bear no resemblanc­e to the original bran mu ins, that traditiona­lly were a high fibre breakfast bread. The new show-o items are – as Al says “cakes”. But I also dislike the cakes that sometimes go by the name of cupcake and adorned with all manner of towering layers of multi-coloured frosting, mini-chocolate bars, and sundry cachous and dragée. These extravagan­tly decorated o erings are not really cupcakes, IMHO*.

Diane Davidson

I want to give a shout out to my daughter, Angela, who gifted me a subscripti­on to your wonderful magazine. I love it! Good magazine spans the ages. I’m 70 and get as much from reading Good, as my 18-year-old granddaugh­ter, who I live with, does. Angela buys her own copy, as well, because like me she collects your magazine. They are too ‘good’ to pass on.

Lynda Brockie

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