Ormeg­gio at The Spit, Syd­ney

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Anna Pavoni still re­mem­bers the mo­ment. She was at

Luna Blu in Syd­ney, in­ter­view­ing for a job as a waiter. She no­ticed Alessandro Pavoni look­ing at her from the kitchen and was in­stantly struck: “Oh my God, I think he’s go­ing to be trou­ble for me,” she thought, “in a good way.” The chef, who is from Bres­cia, in Italy’s north, did not let lan­guage dif­fer­ences get in their way. “When we met, I didn’t speak English and she didn’t speak Ital­ian. I used to get one of my waiter friends to trans­late love let­ters and pass them to her to get her to go out with me.” It paid off. The pair ended up mar­ried with two kids and four restau­rants – some­thing of a mir­a­cle af­ter Pavoni’s bouts with can­cer, plus two heart at­tacks. Anna han­dles the back-of-house op­er­a­tions while Pavoni is all about the food – even if he isn’t al­lowed to proof­read menus (“in English or Ital­ian!” he says). So who is the boss of the busi­ness? “Is that a trick ques­tion?” asks Alessandro. “No com­ment,” says Anna.

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