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Cut 1kg nec­tarines in half, dis­card­ing stones.


Com­bine nec­tarines with a bruised, halved lemon­grass stick, 280gm caster sugar, 80gm liq­uid glu­cose and 150ml wa­ter in a large saucepan (see note).


Bring nec­tarine mix­ture to a sim­mer over medium heat and sim­mer un­til fruit is soft­ened

(5-10 min­utes), then cool briefly.


Purée nec­tarine mix­ture in a blender, then pass through a fine sieve.


Churn purée in an ice-cream ma­chine in batches, ac­cord­ing to ma­chine in­struc­tions, un­til a soft sor­bet con­sis­tency, then trans­fer to a con­tainer and freeze un­til firm (1-2 hours). For the best re­sults, churn sor­bet around 2 hours be­fore serv­ing, so it’s ready to go in the freezer ahead of time. If it gets too firm, soften it in the re­frig­er­a­tor a lit­tle.


Why stop at nec­tarines? Apri­cots and peaches make great sor­bet, too. Fol­low the same recipe as above, ad­just­ing as fol­lows: for apri­cot sor­bet, use 300gm caster sugar, 85gm liq­uid glu­cose and 285ml wa­ter; for peach sor­bet, peel the fruit and use 260gm caster sugar, 75gm liq­uid glu­cose and 95ml wa­ter.



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