Post sun-care


Face feel­ing tighter than a clam with lock­jaw? The shower a bar­rage of pin pricks? You’ve over­done the sun. The first rem­edy is wa­ter – lots of it, to re­hy­drate the com­plex­ion. Make it iced to lower your core tem­per­a­ture while you’re at it. Once you’ve washed away the sun­screen - you used sun­screen, right? – with warm wa­ter and a face wash, it’s time to mois­turise with a prod­uct that will coun­ter­act the red­ness you will soon be dis­play­ing like an un­der­grad­u­ate read­ing Marx for the first time. Be­fore you reach for the mois­turiser, try plac­ing a cloth soaked in cold milk over the area. Yup, your nanna was right, it’s a proven anti-in­flam­ma­tory. If blis­ters do arise, re­sist the urge to buff them away – it’ll only make you more sus­cep­ti­ble to in­fec­tion. In­stead, reach for a max hy­dra­tor like Der­ma­log­ica ‘Skin Smooth­ing Cream’, $96 (100ml). Then go to your room and think about what you’ve done.

CARROTEN ‘AQUAVELVET MOIS­TUR­IS­ING SUNCARE MILK 50+’, $17.99 (200ML) Aus­tralia, hole in the ozone, skin can­cer – you know the score. CHEMISTWAREHOUSE.COM.AU BUM­BLE AND BUM­BLE ‘SURF SPRAY’, $39 (125ML) Windswept, salty, sexy hair – you get the pic­ture. MECCA.COM.AU YSL ‘Y’ EDP, $120 (60ML) A crisper punched-up ver­sion of the EDT with berg­amot, gin­ger and green ap­ple. YSLBEAUTY.COM.AU BLISTEX ‘LIP CON­DI­TIONER’ SPF 15, $4.99 (7g) Be­cause lips mat­ter too. PRICE­LINE.COM.AU TOM FORD ‘NEROLI PORTOFINO ALL OVER BODY SPRAY’, $110 (150ML) A quintessen­tially Mediter­ranean shot of fresh­ness if you’re head­ing straight from beach to bar. DAVIDJONES.COM.AU EVO ‘ROY’ WIDE TOOTH COMB, $18 Ideal for fix­ing sea hair, un­snarling and dis­tribut­ing prod­uct. EVOHAIR.COM

“Stick a fork in me, Jerry!” We are all a few care­less hours away from sun­burn – don’t be that guy.

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