The art of us­ing mul­ti­ple in­tel­li­gences in de­ci­sion mak­ing

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Take a mo­ment to re­flect on a past de­ci­sion, which you felt was a good de­ci­sion. Where did you make the de­ci­sion from? Was it from your head – all about logic and facts, was it a ra­tio­nal ex­pla­na­tion that said you should choose a cer­tain out­come? Or did you de­cide from your heart? Was it driven by what is most im­por­tant to you, how you feel and how oth­ers might be af­fected? Or was your gut in­volved? Was it about who you are at your core? Or was it pro­tect­ing you in some way? Did you act on it quickly?

HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR DE­CI­SIONS? The art of us­ing your mul­ti­ple in­tel­li­gences:

Ex­cit­ingly, the very lat­est ap­plied neu­ro­science tells us we have mul­ti­ple brains (or in­tel­li­gences) and that wise de­ci­sion mak­ing is most likely when we use all three brains in a cer­tain or­der. Each brain has its own ‘Prime Func­tion’ (See Ta­ble 1) and when work­ing pos­i­tively across all three prime func­tions in each brain, then the brain ex­presses it­self in what is called ‘High­est Ex­pres­sion’ (See Ta­ble 2). By fo­cus­ing on the in­di­vid­ual brains and al­low­ing each brain to func­tion op­ti­mally and re­source­fully, fa­cil­i­tat­ing high­est ex­press­ing of the brains – then new wis­dom emerges which is trans­for­ma­tional. Ex­pe­ri­ence from mBrain­ing shows that prior to mak­ing any de­ci­sion, there is a ben­e­fit from bal­anc­ing the body and its au­to­nomic ner­vous sys­tem, to fully ac­cess all your in­tel­li­gence. Use breath­ing to cre­ate heart co­her­ence and en­able full ac­cess to in­ner wis­dom. If ever there was a time in his­tory when wise de­ci­sion mak­ing is needed, surely it is now!

Process in mBrain­ing De­ci­sion Mak­ing Model: 1. Take a minute to qui­eten and bal­ance your body.

Sit qui­etly, back straight, shoul­ders re­laxed, feet flat on the floor, hands in your lap and bring your at­ten­tion to your breath­ing. Con­sciously bring your breath­ing into a rhyth­mic pat­tern where you breathe in for a count of 6 and breathe out for a count of 6. Hold this pat­tern for 3 min­utes.

2. Re­call the de­ci­sion you wish to make and tak­ing your at­ten­tion to your heart area, ask your heart:

• What it truly de­sires

• How it feels about the sit­u­a­tion

• How any de­ci­sion would af­fect sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers

Al­low your sys­tem to go quiet so you can hear or feel what your heart is say­ing.

3. Now, thank your heart and move your at­ten­tion to the head. Ask your head:

• What it thinks about the sit­u­a­tion/de­ci­sion

• What does it al­ready know (and is that a fact or might it be your mind read?)

• What story are you telling your­self about it – what mean­ing are you giv­ing the story you are telling?

Be care­ful not to get too deeply into old in­grained sto­ries – as you may just re­in­force a story which may not even be true.

4. Thank your head and move your at­ten­tion to your gut. Ask your gut:

• What de­ci­sion would keep you safe?

• Which choice mo­ti­vates you to act?

• Which choice/op­tion ‘feels’ right’?

You may find plac­ing your hands on your tummy al­lows you to ac­cess your gut in­tu­ition and in­tel­li­gence.


5. Con­tin­u­ing to breathe in your nat­u­ral beau­ti­ful rhythm and re­flect on the in­tel­li­gence that has emerged from all three brains.

Are the brains in agree­ment? If not – what is re­quired to bring them into agree­ment? What value or re­source can you take into the body to en­able all three to agree with the de­ci­sion you have cho­sen to go with?

6. As you bring the brains into align­ment, imag­ine the de­ci­sion flow­ing around the brains and re­main quiet and con­tem­pla­tive.

This is the point at which new wis­dom will emerge. It may be a word, a pic­ture, a feel­ing, a sym­bol – you will un­der­stand it and can in­ter­pret what it means. It may be new in­for­ma­tion, or it may con­firm what you thought you knew. Al­low your­self some time to sit with this new wis­dom.

7. Be hon­est with your­self and check for any bias and old think­ing.

Gen­uinely en­sure all three brains have now had their in­put be­fore mak­ing the fi­nal de­ci­sion.

8. Fi­nally – check out how the new de­ci­sion feels.

Imag­ine six months down the line hav­ing made that de­ci­sion – how does that feel? What will you be do­ing and who will you be, hav­ing made that de­ci­sion now? I en­cour­age you to have a play with this process on a small de­ci­sion first. It may take a few prac­tices to be able to recog­nise your heart and gut – if you have not in­cluded them in con­ver­sa­tions for a while. And be gen­tle with your­self. Ex­plore the op­tions in a lov­ing way that al­ways has your best in­ter­est at heart.

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