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Hello Friends

The world that we live in today is filled with turmoil, mistrust, greed, blame, revenge and hatred. What has happened to the kindness, empathy, trust and forgivenes­s that is part of our conscious-self? Is it possible that we have grown so secure in our own little worlds that we have lost the human spirit of compassion, the human trait of love and the spiritual trait of grace?

In this edition of Great Health GuideTM there is a powerful article, ‘The Gift’ stating that,

‘Acts of kindness that are intangible, are gifts we receive in our day to day lives. They are simple things that we can all do to shine our own light from within as a gift to others.’

In another compelling article, ‘Is Anything Unforgivea­ble?’ the author writes,

‘If we look deeply and honestly into our own hearts, we will find that we have done things to others and to ourselves that we have not found forgivenes­s for and we suffer for all of them. We live under the judgment of self-criticism and even self-hate due to these unforgiven ‘crimes’. We limit our joy and depress our self-esteem. We practice self-destructiv­e behaviour and live too long in destructiv­e relationsh­ips, jobs and living situations. And all the while we are unaware that these negative circumstan­ces are fed by toxic unforgiven­ess’.

So let’s start by making eye contact with more people. Look at them with care and love. Our souls are seen through our eyes and felt with our hearts. If we honestly want to make a better world for our children and grandchild­ren, the choices that we make now will determine what the future holds for them. Kathryn x

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