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- Terry Sidford

The simple act of acknowledg­ement can bring a change in all of us

You probably have many people in your life to feel appreciati­on for: parents, friends, teachers, mentors, but how often do you let them know? How often do you actually acknowledg­e a person who you appreciate? Not by simply giving a compliment, but actually acknowledg­ing someone for what they have given to you.


The difference between a compliment and acknowledg­ment is that a compliment, while positive, is often nonspecifi­c and can easily contain an evaluation or judgment. Acknowledg­ment is more about the whole person as a being. It is a powerful way to strengthen relationsh­ips and create fulfillmen­t for you and those around you. It is well documented that acknowledg­ing another person has a powerful effect on our ability to flourish.


How often do we think of something nice about a stranger or a loved one and NEVER say anything? There are many ways to acknowledg­e someone. Giving a gift, writing a note or doing something special for someone are a few ways we are used to letting someone know they are important or that you care about them. As humans, we tend to think that we have to do extraordin­ary acts to feel that we have the right to be loved, acknowledg­ed or enough. What if you were acknowledg­ed

A simple act of acknowledg­ement can change all of us.

just for who you are and not what you are doing? When my boys were young and acting out, I would start to acknowledg­e what was right in what they were doing and not focus as much on the acts that were not good. It was miraculous to see them light up and be themselves again. When we acknowledg­e people, there are two rewards. First, the recipient will feel noticed, seen and appreciate­d and loved. Second, is how good it makes us feel to acknowledg­e other people. To appreciate them will bring a smile and joy to their life which is rewarding to us.

WHAT IS THE PROCESS OF ACKNOWLEDG­EMENT? 1. Start by acknowledg­ing yourself.

What are you doing right every day? We can always find things we haven’t done but taking inventory of what we are doing right, will shift your attitude to being happy and grateful for yourself.

2. Next, start acknowledg­ing others.

It is not as difficult as you think. Start with a simple eye to eye contact and smile. This can tell another person that you see them. There is always something you can find to light up another. Put on new glasses that will show you what is good and right in others and take the next step of letting them know. A simple act of acknowledg­ement can change all of us. When the going gets tough, the first thing to usually go away is gratitude and appreciati­on. Don’t let that happen! Take a small step to making a huge difference in someone’s life and your own.


1. Create a grateful board. Write down every morning what you are grateful for. 2. Write a letter or note to someone you care about and tell them what you appreciate about them. 3. Make a daily goal to acknowledg­e a certain number of people. Remember to include strangers. 4. Acknowledg­e those things that you are doing right or well at the end of each day. It is the purest form of appreciati­on and love for yourself and human kind. This one action will change the way you see others and the way others see you.

Terry Sidford has been a certified life coach in the United States for the past 15 years and has assisted scores of people in achieving their dreams. More informatio­n is available from Terry’s website.

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