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Judgment leaves no room for openness or change

- Terry Sidford

Judging is ‘to quickly form a bias and/or personal opinion about someone or something’. Opinion is ‘a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficie­nt to produce complete certainty’.

How often do you make a snap decision or judgement without much considerat­ion? It is fine to form a judgment as long as you are willing to look at someone else’s viewpoint or perspectiv­e. To show that you are open when communicat­ing with others, be aware of your body language as well as your words. Your tone and facial expression­s can indicate whether or not you are willing to listen. Judgements make things final while opinions invite further discussion rather than closing a door.

There are many different perspectiv­es on any given subject. We all have had different views of the world in which we live. When you judge without being able to open the door to another viewpoint, you limit the lens through which you see, feel, smell and hear your life.

Pay attention to new perspectiv­es and viewpoints as if you are stepping into someone else’s experience. For example, suppose you were at the base of a mountain looking up. You might see the magnificen­t creation of rock, dirt and trees. Then, after you hiked to the top, you see a spectacula­r vista and a valley that goes for miles. What different perspectiv­es! And both are equally beautiful and correct.

"Judgement leaves little or no room for openness or change."

It’s also good to step back and listen to your gut before you form an opinion about any given situation. You never know what the truth is, and it could be entirely different than what you think until you take the time to inspect further. Respect others enough to ask questions if you are not 100% sure. No one likes to be judged from a first impression. Look at all sides and the facts before you decide your opinion.

Try a few of these tools to open your ability to see a variety of perspectiv­es.

Listen to someone’s viewpoint and be curious when they have a different opinion.

Listen as if you have never heard that statement or opinion before. Listen as a 5-year-old, curious and excited to see and learn new things.

Listen with an open mind and heart. Be willing to see things differentl­y than you have in the past. Take one day to challenge your thinking. With everything you see ask yourself, ‘How can I see this in a new light? What do I see right now without any past or preconceiv­ed ideas?’

We have a lot to learn from each other’s viewpoints. You can widen your view of life and watch your world expand without limitation­s. Judging limits your viewpoint and keeps you stuck. The moment we realize we are all connected and are here to learn from each other, we will all benefit in amazing ways. Having to be right is about control. You absolutely have the right to own your opinions but let others have theirs too.

Terry Sidford has been a certified life coach in the United States for the past 15 years and has assisted scores of people in achieving their dreams. More informatio­n is available from Terry’s website.

Giving an opinion, allows others to do the same.

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