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In this new decade, it’s so important to realise that the mind is powerful and drives our conscious and unconsciou­s thoughts. Are we planning to be better guardians of ourselves, our families and our friends? If this is your goal, then read the articles in this issue of Great Health GuideTM. They are rich in ideas on how to reduce the negative impacts that occur in our world today. In the article, The Power of Words, we see how harsh, unkind and even thoughtles­s words can dramatical­ly impact an individual’s mental state. Words have immense power and, ‘I love you’ is one beautiful example. Anger is a normal emotion that we all feel. But sometimes anger can create physical problems (heart attacks, strokes) and emotional problems (destructiv­e and violent behaviour) which outweigh any kind of benefit the anger might have initially had. Check out the article Is Anger Hurting You? to safely release that anger. Research shows that teens are more stressed than ever and that in 2018, teens were the most stressed age group of all. In a survey of 36,000 teenagers, nearly 45% of teens said they were stressed “all the time”. Supporting Your Teen Through Stress is an article that illustrate­s how parents can really make a difference. Healthy boundaries are essential for a fulfilled and balanced life. Only you can determine what those boundaries are, which means that you must know yourself. Setting Boundaries is a must read in this issue of Great Health GuideTM. The final word from eminent cardiologi­st Dr Warrick Bishop, in

Here’s to a Great Life! Advice to My Grandchild­ren, says, ‘Life is short. Make the most of it. Opportunit­ies come and go. Time is precious so please don’t waste it.’ In reading these articles, I trust that you, our reader, will be better able to handle the events that prove a challenge throughout life. Kathryn x

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