Porce­lain pulls wool over Ko­jonup eyes

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A small Great South­ern town is in the mid­dle of one of the big­gest mys­ter­ies ever to be­set the re­gion, and it has res­i­dents baahh-king mad try­ing to fig­ure out who is re­spon­si­ble.

At the start of this month porce­lain sheep started ap­pear­ing out of the blue near Ko­jonup’s big wool wagon and no one seems to know who the cul­prit is. There are now about a dozen sheep, a lamb and a fox.

Ko­jonup Shire pres­i­dent Ron­nie Fleay is among those left scratch­ing her head at Koji’s ewe-beaut’ phe­nom­e­non.

“It tends to hap­pen overnight, you will come in the next day and there you go you have a green sheep, or maybe a black sheep, even a lamb,” she said.

“We are a lit­tle con­cerned with the fox that has ar­rived but we haven’t seen any real dam­age yet.

“It will be in­ter­est­ing to see how this un­folds.”

Ms Fleay said she be­lieved lo­cal Ro­tary Club mem­bers were the prime sus­pects.

Sus­pect Jo Sex­ton was coy on any in­volve­ment by her­self or Ro­tary Club mem­bers.

“A lamb was put in the gar­den on Fri­day and by Tues­day I was ex­pect­ing it gone, but it had a lit­tle mate,” she said.

“I have heard there are quite a few peo­ple who have par­tic­i­pated in drop­ping these lit­tle lambs off.

“I think peo­ple do tend to move them around a lit­tle.

“Maybe the fox has been chas­ing them around the stump.”

Ko­jonup’s Sheepsville is far from the first mys­tery ceramic con­gre­ga­tion in WA.

Gnomesville, 150km north west from Ko­jonup, is now home to thou­sands of gar­den gnomes.

Much fur­ther north, a hill on the side of the North West Coastal High­way near Carnar­von is home to a small gath­er­ing of gnomes and other para­pher­na­lia to pay re­spect to lost loved ones.

Pic­ture: Tom Zaun­mayr

Shire of Ko­jonup pres­i­dent Ron­nie Fleay in­ves­ti­gat­ing the porce­lain sheep which have ap­peared next to the wool w agon.

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