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A to­tal of 16,833 mixed-qual­ity sheep were yarded at Katan­ning last week, a rise of more than 3000 from the pre­vi­ous sale.

Re­stock­ers were keen to source shorn store lambs, store ewes and wethers, bid­ding strongly on most of these lines.

Heavy merino wethers with a fleece topped the mar­ket at $149/head. Young wethers sold for a top of $141/head to pro­ces­sors.

Heavy lambs sold for a top price of $146/head and ram lambs sold to $129/head.

The best heavy mut­ton with a fleece sold for $130/head. Re­stock­ers paid $126/head for the best young ewes of­fered.

Light lambs sold for $79 to $100/head to pro­ces­sors. Air­freight weights sold for $100 to $122/head.

Trade weights sold for $120 to $138/head to pro­ces­sors and feeder buy­ers and heavy lambs sold to $146/head. Wether lambs sold to live ex­port for $75 to $118/head.

Young merino ewes sold for $47/head, paid for lightweights, and up to $126/head to re­stock­ers.

Good-qual­ity heavy mut­ton over 24kg cwt sold for $90 to $130/head, in­clud­ing skins, to av­er­age 384¢/kg cwt.

Medium-weight ewes (18-23kg cwt) sold for $70 to $105/head to pro­ces­sors and up to $109/head to re­stock­ers.

Light store bon­ing ewes down to 14kg cwt sold for $55 to $89/head and heav­ier bon­ers for $95 to $125/head, sold with a 150mm fleece.

Wethers sold to pro­ces­sors from $75 to $85/head for lightweights un­der 18kg cwt and $105 to $149/head for the heav­ier wethers.

Wethers suit­able for live ex­port re­turned $70 to $115/head, de­pend­ing on weight.

Ma­ture rams sold for $10 to $93/head, to av­er­age $50/head, and rams to live ex­port sold for $50 to $80/head.

Younger ram lambs sold to pro­ces­sors for $80 to $95/head.

Feeder and re­stocker buy­ers paid from $40 to $129/head, de­pend­ing on weight, and ram lambs to live ex­port re­turned $90 to $99/head.

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