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FLOW­ERS are bloom­ing, but­ter­flies are flut­ter­ing and the sun is do­ing won­ders to bol­ster your spir­its.

How­ever, not ev­ery­thing is com­ing up roses – sum­mer is also the time when creepy-crawlies come out to rav­age your gar­den and in­vade your home.

We spoke to Angie Thomas from Yates about rid­ding your home and gar­den of un­wanted guests.

Re­move po­ten­tial food cour­ses in­side the home. They love nib­bling on last night’s un­washed din­ner plates. There are sev­eral bar­rier sprays and sands that can be ap­plied around the house to help con­trol the ants be­fore they get a chance to come in­side. An ex­am­ple is Bl­itzem Ant Flea and Tick Killer.

Also, try to fol­low the ant trails back to the nest and use a con­trol prod­uct at the nest.

Cater­pil­lars en­joy feast­ing on a wide range of plants, from or­na­men­tal flow­ers and shrubs to ed­i­ble plants such as let­tuce and toma­toes.

Of­ten you don’t see them as they are well cam­ou­flaged, just their dam­age or drop­pings.

Yates Suc­cess Ul­tra is a very ef­fec­tive cater­pil­lar con­trol spray that can be used on many plants.

For or­ganic gar­den­ers, Yates Na­ture’s Way Cater­pil­lar Killer is based on a nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring bac­te­ria that only af­fects cater­pil­lars and is ap­proved for use in or­ganic gar­den­ing.

With any cater­pil­lar con­trol spray, en­sure both sides of fo­liage are sprayed as cater­pil­lars will hide un­der leaves.

Try in­sect re­pel­lents and avoid their favourite time of day: dusk un­til dawn. In the gar­den you can try to re­move wa­ter sources (wa­ter sit­ting in plant saucers of patches of boggy soil) as this is where they can breed. How­ever, midges can travel a long way so they will come from other places around the neigh­bour­hood. Us­ing in­sect re­pel­lent is the most ef­fec­tive way pre­ven­tion.

They find the tini­est places to make their way in­doors, mak­ing them dif­fi­cult to stop. For non-dan­ger­ous spi­ders, I’m a fan of care­ful catch and re­lease. Spi­ders in the gar­den can help to re­duce the pop­u­la­tion of pest in­sects, so they are good to have around.

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