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Guitar Techniques - - INTRO -

➊ Bossa Nova Blues (Bm)

Let’s start with an easy-toap­proach feel-good bossa nova style blues jam in B mi­nor. Use B Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (B-D-E-F#-A), B Blues scale (B-D-E-F-F#-A) and B Mi­nor scale (B-C#-D-E-F#-G-A) as start­ing points and feel your way through it!

➋ G Har­monic Mi­nor Jam (Gm)

This bluesy 12/8 jam was made for you to re­ally dig into your G

(G-A-Bb-CD-Eb-F#). Har­monic Mi­nor scale

It moves be­tween the chords Gm (Im) and D (V). You can also mix in some tasty G Mi­nor

(G-Bb-C-D-F), Pen­ta­tonic but be­ware of clash­ing with that cru­cial F# note on ev­ery D chord.

➌7/8 Shuf­fle Groove (Am)

Here’s a fun odd-me­ter groove jam made for im­pro­vis­ing on A Do­rian mode (A-B-C-D-E-F#-G). The chord pro­gres­sion moves be­tween Am7 and D7. Good old A Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (A-C-D-E-G) will work, but for ex­tra colour mix in E Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (E-G-A-B-D) and B Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (B-D-E-F#-A).

➍ II-V-I Jazz Jam (Gm)

Here’s a jazz play-along in G mi­nor, on the clas­sic mi­nor II-V-1. Chords Am7b5-D7-Gm-Gm. are G Mi­nor (G-A-Bb-C-D-Eb-F) scale works, and for the D7 chords, use G Har­monic (G-A-Bb-C-D-Eb-F#). Mi­nor Am7b5 (A-C-Eb-G); Ar­peg­gios: D7 (G-Bb-D-F). (D-F#-A-C); and Gm7 Happy jam­ming!

Jam tracks by Ja­cob Quist­gaard. For free scale maps and hun­dreds more tracks, visit www.quis­torama.com. You can also sub­scribe to www.youtube.com/QuistTV to get all the lat­est tracks and licks. Or find Quist jam Twit­ter, In­sta­gram and Face­book.

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