phil hilborne’s one-minute lick

Swing Blues Lick

Guitar Techniques - - INTRO -

HERE’S A FOUR-BAR ques­tion and an­swer swing-blues phrase, built mainly from an A7 arpeg­gio: A-C#-E-G. There are also a cou­ple of b3rd ex­tra notes: the (C) and 9th (B). Pick­ing-wise the first two bars have all the ‘up’ beats played with up-strokes and all the ‘down’ beats played as down-strokes. This makes it ‘feel’ bet­ter to play as the pick strokes cor­re­spond to the groove. The sec­ond two bars use sweep pick­ing on a de­scend­ing A7 arpeg­gio with the first note of each four-note group fall­ing on a down-stroke. This se­quence is great for re-use in rock, metal, coun­try, jazz and fu­sion. The fi­nal bar’s F# and C are b7 the ‘tar­geted’ 3rd and of the next chord in the pro­gres­sion, the IV chord of D9.

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