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By lay­ing out th­ese Pen­ta­tonic scales on the gui­tar’s fretboard, you will start notic­ing new shapes to ex­plore. For ex­am­ple, this shape #3 line

p~e~th~a~ starts off with a four-note di­ag­o­nal sha t falls un­der the hand very and&sounds

suit­ably ear-catch­ing too. Try to take note of the ac­cents within this par­tic­u­lar line.

There are more ac­cents in this shape #4 line too, as well as some string-skip­ping to keep things from sound­ing pre­dictable.

This is the first in a su4c­ces­sion of shape #5 lines. note that this one fea­tures a wide stretch be­tween the sec­ond and fourth fin­gers on the first string. Although there are hammer-ons, slides and pull-offs through­out, aim to keep to a strict 32nd-note rhythm from start to fin­ish.

in this next shape #5 line, rhyth­mic in­ter­est is pro­vided by play­ing a three-note mo­tif to a count of four. Mu­si­cally, this ‘three against four’ ef­fect is known as a hemi­ola.

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