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The three ex­er­cises that open each sec­tion should be prac­ticed with a clean tone, as a less for­giv­ing one will make it eas­ier to iden­tify any tech­ni­cal weak­nesses. Pe­ter favoured the neck and mid­dle (out-of-phase) po­si­tion when solo­ing, so those are pre­dom­i­nantly the sounds fea­tured here (although neck and/or both pick­ups is also fine). Whether you’re us­ing amp over­drive, a pedal, or mod­el­ling soft­ware, it’s im­por­tant to keep your drive set­tings low. Green used dis­tor­tion but it was achieved by play­ing an amp loud, not with preamp dis­tor­tion; this will sti­fle pick­ing sub­tleties and your gui­tars’ char­ac­ter and tim­bre.

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