Ex­am­plE2 SOLO 2 with trick­ier BENDS

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This study is hint­ing at tht Hen­drix-like vo­cab that Marino is well known for. Bar 2 re­quires a first-fin­ger tone bend, then this is re­leased down a semi­tone, some­thing that you hear Marino do quite of­ten. If you haven't used your first fin­ger to bends be­fore, please re­mem­ber to build the strength and dex­ter­ity to do so. Per­haps be­gin with a semi­tone and work your way to the full tone bend. Also re­mem­ber if you move this to other ar­eas of the neck this may be­come more dif­fi­cult. Have you ever tried bend­ing the 1st fret of the third string up a full step us­ing your first fin­ger? As you move through the solo you will find other bends such as the ones found in bar 9, 10, 11, and 12. Here you should re­mem­ber to sup­port the bend­ing fin­ger (third in this case) with what fin­gers are avail­able be­hind. This adds more sta­bil­ity to the bends, which will help with pitch­ing and the ad­di­tion of vi­brato.

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