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[Bar 17]

One of the great ad­van­tages of us­ing al­tered tun­ings is that you can the low open strin0gs to fill t0hings o0ut then get some melodic move­ment up at the top. Here we have move­ment on the third and first strings, and the se­cond string a9ct­ing as a com­mon fea­ture in Smith’s play­ing.

[Bar 21]

You’ll need a strong first-fin­ger barre for this Fadd#11 and the F in the fol­low0ing bar0. Howe0ver, the str0ings are tu0ned at a t0en­sion0so will slacker, there­fore mak­ing this sort of thing eas­ier to get un­der the fin­gers.

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