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Un­less you’re us­ing a lock­ing unit, you’ll want to lubri­cate the nut slots each time you re­string. There are sev­eral prod­ucts on the mar­ket, but crum­bling some graphite into the grooves then drop­ping the string on top works very well too. Hav­ing cleanly cut slots that aren’t too tight for the gauge of string you’re us­ing helps, along with not hav­ing too many wraps around the post (on non-lock­ing tuners). More than three can start to cause tun­ing in­sta­bil­ity. Fi­nally, it’s im­por­tant - even when us­ing lock­ing sys­tems to stretch the strings (un­til tun­ing re­mains sta­ble af­ter bend­ing a string). If you ‘lock’ them at the nut be­fore do­ing so, you’ll find the fine tuners don’t pro­vide enough ad­just­ment.

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